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Dis moda focka so greatly uninapreciated. He jist loaoves gettong fuacked by Jerry. Jerry jist shoveds his laong hard cok inside him. Fuk he

Bum-Bum (2016-04-30 22:37:56)

Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac Killer aka Ted Cruz is so stealthy that he was able to kill 37 people and get away with it. The only evidence was letters he sent

Bernie Sanders (2016-04-30 22:30:47)


This peeepeles is tha boomb. He mean no harm but he wants you to lik his neck, his crack, his booty and his back

Thimboliosis (2016-04-30 22:20:03)

This is Ending

Okay listen up. This site is getting shut down. I'm not going to go to the office. But I will shut this site down.

Anonymous (2016-04-29 15:33:41)


Suck my left tit you just got yourself another hour of detention

Brandon Rogers (2016-04-29 14:39:44)


Love Ellen

Anonymous (2016-04-28 19:50:37)


Look at this gay as bitch, he is the definition of cunt

Stophayden (2016-04-28 17:49:19)

my my

I m a boy, I m gay, I like boys lol #my

my my (2016-04-28 17:21:18)