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Allen School of Health Science

90% of females are so ghetto and immature. To degrade me and pick on me is really childish. You are adults and you act like children!

Anonymous (2015-11-24 19:23:11)

Hell yeah

I hate when someone tell me I can do it but actually I can't

Anonymous (2015-11-23 22:32:38)

I.S.59 School

Ugly girl, messy hair, man-stealer! Calk me all different kinds of names. You guys were the scum on my foot. Past students can go to hell!

Anonymous (2015-11-23 17:49:58)

bye Felicia

bye Felicia

not felicia (2015-11-22 20:19:52)

P.S. 36 School

To students in my class that bulllied me and teachers too, fuck you!! I am stronger that I wil not let you break me any longer!

Anonymous (2015-11-22 18:36:26)

You're a waste

Wasting my time. Toodles

Anonymous (2015-11-22 18:09:17)


Bitches First

Not a Bitch (2015-11-22 15:56:44)


I've been bullied since the 4th grade and teachers do nothing to stop it. You made me much tougher now, you can't stop me now!!

Anonymous (2015-11-22 08:49:37)